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Crisis Response Team

Specially trained citizen volunteers respond on a 24 hour 7 day a week basis to assist victims of traumatic events. Volunteers will respond to any location requested by a participating emergency services agency within 20 minutes of the time called.

Client Follow Up Services
TIP systematically contacts by phone all clients served by the crisis response team. Often these clients will be provided with helpful information, written materials, and referrals to community organizations and support groups. Also, TIP provides follow up services to traumatized citizens referred by local firefighter's associations.

TIP Interpreters
TIP has a corps of bilingual (English/Spanish) interpreters available to assist our volunteers in communicating with Spanish speaking victims and their families.

TIP WNC CRTEmotional First Aid Training
TIP offers Emotional First Aid (EFA) training programs to the public on how citizens, in the role as friend, family member, or neighbor, can effectively support a victim immediately following a tragic event. Emergency personnel are also offered training in Emotional First Aid and are taught what they can say and do to help distraught citizens before they leave an emergency scene. TIP EFA seminars are also available and offer continuing education hours. Please contact the Executive Director for more information.

Program Consultation
TIP staff assists other communities in developing successful trauma intervention programs by making available our program design and written materials, and by consulting with them on how to establish an effective program. TIP also consults on workplace tragedy and emergency first aid in emergency response planning.

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

The CISM Team is capable of rapidly mobilizing a team of crisis volunteers to respond to a major critical incident in the community. TIP professional staff provide debriefing sessions to groups of people who have been emotionally traumatized by a major event. Debriefings are conducted for employee groups, witnesses to tragic events, and citizens whose entire neighborhood is affected by a traumatic event. Services are also available to all TIP emergency responder partner agencies.

The TIP CISM Team is available for large and small debriefing, defusing, and post-stress.

TIP Speaker's Bureau

Trauma Intervention Programs, Inc. welcomes the opportunity to speak to public and civic organizations.

Among the topics we are prepared to cover are:

Work Place Tragedy Training

Many companies and organizations have employee assistance programs in place. But what do they do when there is the immediate need of support for employees? Do they have someone in place assisting on the scene within 20 minutes? Years of studies have shown that immediate intervention during a tragedy helps mitigate the long term effects of trauma. In the workplace, employees need the time, understanding, and support to react and re-group before returning to work. The safety of the workplace sometimes depends on this. Having TIP training or TIP Services available when you need them may be critical to employee support.

If you or your company does not have an emergency response plan that includes emotional support for it's employees, or want assistance with starting an on-site cirsis intervention team, please contact TIP. We can help.

TIP 4 Kids Program

TIP volunteers are trained to work with children in crisis. Volunteers bring teddy bears, coloring books, and age appropriate materials to the scene to work with children who have witnessed a tragedy or have lost a sibling or parent. Many times TIP volunteers assist parents in working with their children following a tragedy.

Senior Program

TIP volunteers respond to senior citizens in crisis to help in times of disorientation and confusion. Having someone near to guide a senior citizen through life transitions helps prevent anxiety and depression. A senior TIP volunteer can relate to seniors in crisis and bring comfort during a confusing time.